About Us

Welcome to Mother's Natchez! Mother's offers you products centered on what wise women and traditional healers have known for millennia, knowledge science is now proving.

  • Elderberry syrup is indeed efficacious, it's packed with vitamin C and antioxidants.
  • Smudging sage has little do do with killing evil spirits, unless you consider airborne fungi, bacteria, and viruses which can cause illness, evil, because in that case yes, it does kill those things.
  • After multiple medical treatments over the course of months, including surgery, the one and only thing that quite literally stopped me from hemorrhaging to death was a Native American herb, Shepherd's Purse. It worked in one day.

We at Mother's are taking a holistic view of life in these strange times by working from the micro to the macro. We're taking care of our families and community here in Natchez, Mississippi by introducing healthy alternatives to common products from candles, to cleaning products, herbs to fragrance, skin care to postpartum care, and so many other categories-with more to come.

We offer these same solutions to our extended community online, and in buying primarily from small businesses located here in the US, we help bolster the economy. One of the many lessons we've taken from 2020 it is that we are all interconnected.

Be a part of our journey, subscribe to the newsletter and submit your articles on living a more natural life to our blog. We're glad to have you, together we can make a positive impact on our world.

"May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live."